Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day!!!

 I woke up this morning to this beautiful view.  It felt absolutely wonderful to sleep in (I didn't even set my alarm), and wake up with out a care in the world.  All schools were cancelled in our area.  So- being a preschool teacher that brought me great joy!  I love my job and my kids, but I think it is best for the both me and kids- if I get a break every once in a while...:)

 By 9:00 this morning we had approximately 25 inches of snow

 My sisters, dad, and I got on our snow gear and headed out to shovel the driveway.  

We came back in to the house and had a late breakfast consisting of pancakes, scrabbles eggs, and potatoes. 

Now, the day is drawing to an end.  The snow is still gently falling down.  The yard stick in the front yard is almost completely covered.  And I just received a text saying the school are closed again tomorrow.  I simply have to smile to myself and say, I love snow blizzards!

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