Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I successfully donated blood yesterday...I would have written all about it yesterday but...something happened, let me explain...
I was so excited that October 5th had finally arrived. I have been taking my iron pills every day, well actually whenever I remembered, so maybe twice a week. And I had even been eating my mini wheats. I walked in to the health center, trying to remove from my memory the big let down that had just occurred there only 5 weeks earlier. I bravely walked back and sat down. Once again they pricked my finger. The nurse looked at me and shook her head. I couldn't believe it. After all I had done to prepare myself I was still anemic!
"Could you please test me again" I pleaded, "you don't understand I have been taking iron pills eating wheat, and blogging about please just let me donate so I can move on in life!" She pricked me again....And I made it!!!
They then walked me back where I would donate blood. I was fascinated as I watched the needle slide into my arm. I laid there and gave a pint of my blood.
I drove home, and I planned on writing and telling you that I was successful, finally!
But then it happened...
I passed out, not once- but twice. I have never passed out in my entire life! So I went to bed immediately. Where I got a good nine hours of sleep and still awoke feeling weak. I don't know what those nurses did to me...but I didn't feel too good about about saving lives at all...
There is another blood drive on November 30th. But..I don't know if I will attend. I mean I hear on the radio all the time that one pint of blood saves three lives. So..yesterday I saved three people's lives, I think that is good enough for a know what I mean...


  1. You are so funny! I am laughing out loud at this one--yes-three lives is enough for now--what if you would have passed out while you were driving--they may have had to give you your own blood back!

  2. Good for you Brooke!! I would probably for sure pass out also!