Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Why I do what I do...

My last post I wrote about my church's 40th Anniversary. At times in my life I have been asked the question of why my church does all that it does. And honestly some times I wonder the same thing. Many times going to the Nursing home week after week and seeing no salivations or going visiting and catching no one home, and going door to door to spread the gospel only to have the door slammed in your face can get discouraging... Many times in my life I have come to a time where I wonder why I am do all that I am doing. Why do I go visiting every Saturday? Is it really worth it...
Last Sunday proved to me that it is worth it all..
Last Saturday I went visiting with my little 10 year old partner, Sabrina. Sabrina was dressed as a birthday present to show everyone that it was the Church's 40th birthday. We went from house to house not catching anyone home. As I drove to the next place I got a text from a fried at work telling me that she wasn't going to come to the service the following day. I was devastated. I had been praying that she would come out for such a long time. She had promised me she would come, and now I had no visitor for the big day. It seemed like I had asked everyone possible yet, still no one was willing to give of their Sunday to come to church with me. I was feeling a little bit down...
I drove up to a house Sabrina and I hopped out of the car, I knocked on the door. There was no answer. I began to walk to the car when I noticed two little girls riding their bikes. I figured I might as well give them a flier and invite them to ride the bus to church. The girls were so very excited when I told them about the events that would take place the next day. I could easily see they wanted to ride the bus to church. So I went up to their house to ask their mother's permission. I went to the door and talked to mom- and she said yes!
I was so excited, I gave her my phone number and walked away.
However, part of me was still pessimistic. I mean, this is Chesterton! People don't just let their children ride on church buses with strangers.
However the next morning as a got on the bus my phone began to ring. I answered it. It was the mother, Lila, she told me that her daughters were up and waiting. She continued to say that both she and her husband were going to drive to the service as well. I was ecstatic! As we drove up to the house- I was filled with such joy as I watched those three little girls climb on.
After the service I was told that Lila would be a little late getting to the bus- you see, both Lila and her husband were getting saved.
That evening I watched both of them get baptized.
My friends- that's why I do what I do... because of people like Lila and her husband.


  1. What a blessing! Thanks for sharing Brooke! That is such an encouraging story! Praise the Lord! :)

  2. It reminds me of the verse that says that some plant, some water, and some reap...It truly was an encouragement to be able to see the results!

  3. WOW - pretty awesome

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