Saturday, July 27, 2013

Summer in a nutshell

It has been so very long since I have last posted.  However, I have been extremely busy.
As you have probably assumed, I have now completed my first year of teaching.  The school year went by so very quickly, and I truly did enjoy every moment of it.  We ended the school year with a field trip to the Toledo Mud Huns Baseball Game.

 Before we knew it the last day of school was upon us.  I have come to love each and every one of my students and I am looking forward to another year with them.

Kindergarten Graduation

Just a week after school was out I was able to go on a Ladies Retreat with my mom. Not only was it a time of great fun, relaxation, and spiritual refreshment; I was also able to spend a lot of time with my mom, which is always very enjoyable.

Just a couple of week later my family and I were able to take a two week vacation out West!  Our trip was perfect in every way. 

On the fourth of July we were able to go over to my sister and brother- in- law's  house to spend the holiday with them.

The summer is quickly coming to a close.  I am now back in Ohio and will soon beginning my preparation for another school year.  The last two months have been so very incredible. I was able to spend so much precious time with my family, and I have discovered that I am truly one of the luckiest people alive- God has given me the most amazing families ever!

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  1. Can't believe how quickly this summer has gone! So glad that I was able to spend some of it with you...Love you lots!