Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Death of a Snowman

I was sent from heaven above,
I was built with, oh so much love.

The kids, they gave me two eyes of coal,
Then in my face, they made a small hole.

In the hole, a carrot, the children did place,
a small balloon like smile was put on my face.

A top hat of black was placed on my head,
"All he needs is a scarf!" one of them said.

I was the first snowman in all the town,
my head and my body were perfectly round.

The children and I always together did play,
and oh now I wish I could go back to that day.

Atlas, Mr. Sun one day shone too bright,
I tried standing tall, with all of my might.

My carrot nose was the first thing to go,
it fell before me, right into the snow.

The lumps of coal slowly slid to the ground,
before I knew it- I was just a mound.

All of the children wept and they cried,
there was nothing I could do- for I had died.


  1. I think there is a tear in my eye.

  2. So nicely put, my morbid little sis! ;)

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  4. Hello...Mr. Sun! Good bye Mr. Snowman...!!!

  5. make me laugh! :)

  6. Your such a good poet! I like it ;)

  7. I like the snow, but summer is much more fun! Spring is just 12 days away...